Module 3

Endodontic microsurgery course

2,5-days advanced microsurgery hands-on course

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Course summary

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Dr. Gilberto Debelian
Suitable for
GPs and specialists
8 people (min 4)

Duration: 2,5 days (20 CE hours)
09:00-17:00 Day 1-2
09:00-13:00 Day 3

About this course

Endodontic microsurgery is the terminology used for endodontic surgical procedures on exceptionally small and complex structures with the aid of an operating microscope and microsurgical devices and instruments. These minimally invasive procedures can only be performed under microscopes in order to preserve both bone and root structures but at the same time control intra canal infection optimally with retrograde cleaning and filling procedures. The introduction of ultrasonic retro-tips to clean efficiently the infected root canal system (main canals and isthmus) as coronally as possible together with new bio-compatible/-active retrofilling materials such as bioceramics , has significantly improved the success rates of endodontic microsurgery.

In this 2,5 days endodontic microsurgery course the participants will be working on 3D printed dental models with several teeth to be treated. The demonstration and all surgical exercises will be done through an operative microscope as well as through a new 3D camera transmitted to individual 2D and 3D monitors. After root resection and lesion curettage, the root canal end and isthmus area will be prepared with ultrasonic retro-tips and the retrograde prepared root canal space will be filled with the latest generation of pre-mixed Bioceramic material. Several microscopic instruments will be demonstrated and used during the surgical.


  • Clinical decision making: Endodontic microsurgery, Retreatment or Extraction
  • CBCT - Evaluation, interpretation and planning for endodontic microsurgery.
  • Periodontal tissue Interrelationship on endodontics and periodontics
  • Anesthesia and hemostasis - Local anesthetic (injection techniques), (additional techniques) for maxillary and mandibular.
  • Managing periodontal tissue, choosing flap design, incision and osteotomy.
  • Root end resection and preparation
  • Retrograde filling material- Pre-mixed Bioceramic materials
  • Suturing material and techniques
  • Introduction Guided Microsurgery in endodontics.
  • Hands on using printed guide on palatal roots and lower pre-molars

Pa x-rays and CBCT analysis - at the end of the course all teeth treated by the participant will be individually analyzed by 2D x-ray technique. The teeth treated on the phantom head models will be individually analyzed by CBCT technology.

What is offered during the 2,5 days program:

  • 20 hours of theoretical lecture and hands-on practice
  • Each participant has its own working station and individual instruments and devices
  • A customized microscope for each participant (Zeiss or Global) with HD camera and individual monitors
  • 3D microscopic demonstration
  • All instruments and materials used during the course
  • Scrubs will be provided for each day
  • Lunch and coffee/snacks

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Module 3: Endodontic microsurgery course Sep 18 - Sep 20, 2024 Oslo English Dr. Gilberto Debelian 5 available seats (of 8) Sign up